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Quality assurance

IZOPANEL – a system of approved solutions, with full satisfaction of clients in mind, we offer trainings on proper use of our products and post-guarantee maintenance service.
Our products have certificates issued by the relevant authorities.
In collaboration with Tata Steel (formerly Corus), our leading supplier, we developed an additional guarantee for coating used by IZOPANEL to manufacture composite panels. Taking advantage of this solution, Clients may obtain from 15 up to 40 years guarantee.
The Confidex Guarantee® is an effect of forty years of continuous development of products and coating technology at Tata Steel (formerly Corus). This Guarantee is clear and available immediately after conducting a simple registration process. Guarantees offered by other pre-painted steel manufacturers are usually issued for shorter periods, have unclear scope and contain many exclusions.
The Confidex Guarantee® is clear, simple and ensures full remedial action in an unlikely event of a claim, offering complete peace of mind to the building owner.
PAMA, The Polish Composite Panel Manufactures Association
Since December 2000, IZOPANEL has been a founder and member of PAMA, the Polish Composite Panel Manufacturers Association. The association was founded to promote composite panels as a construction material of unique properties, to support technological development of the manufactured products and to promote fair competition principles on the Polish market.
The foremost statutory goal of PAMA, the Polish Composite Panel Manufacturers Association is to promote and support metal-envelope based construction on steel frames and propagate the principles of fair competition among all (also these nonassociated) composite panel manufacturers and suppliers.
Despite the well-ground position of the composite panel in Polish construction technology (more than 30 years of presence in Poland), the awareness of its unique properties and versatile application is still unsatisfactory among investors, opinion-formers and authorities in power. The ease of shaping the architecture, quick installation, thermoinsulating properties and durability should not be underestimated as they give composite panels an unrivalled leading position among construction materials for cladding walls and roofs of exceptionally wide range of different buildings.
Commercial buildings, retail parks, buildings in the sectors of energy, food processing, cooling, sports are only some of possible applications of composite panels. The wide range of available thicknesses and insulating core types (poliestyrene, poliurethane, mineral wool) allows precise selection of a panel type to specific application. Popularisation of composite panels application is one of the goals of PAMA, the Polish Composite Panel Manufacturers Association and Izopanel.
The dumping practices, common on the market these days, partially stimulated by the difficult situation in construction, constitute another challenging issue. Needless to say, that not only the manufacturers (trying to lower the production costs) but also the Clients are affected by this problem as they usually get products of uncertain quality for the decreased price. Protecting the market against the processes described above constitute additional goals of PAMA, the Polish Composite Panel Manufacturers Association and Izopanel.
DAFA, Accociation of Flat Roof and Facades Contractors
Since September 2011, Izopanel has been a member of DAFA, an association of contractors, manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials and equipment.
Creating uniform recruitment criteria, DAFA offers partnership to companies which are credible, reliable, meet specific contracting standards, observe the Labour Code, Health and Safety Regulations and oblige themselves to keep service and product quality in accordance with construction law and requirements of high standards of use.
DAFA is an agreement and collaboration platform for companies to create clear and effective rules which will protect and optimize interests of all parties in construction process.